The 2022 DRIIHM symposium will take place in Nantes (France) from June 20 to 22.

The website dedicated to this meeting is open:

It will allow you to register to these days whether you are present in Nantes or whether you choose the distance learning.

The Call for Research Projects 2022 of the LabEx DRIIHM ends today, except for the Mediterranean Coastal zone OHM and Patagonia OHMi which have until January 10 to submit their projects.

124 OHM projects and 4 inter-OHM projects have been submitted and are distributed as follows:

Provence Coalfield: 7 projects / Estarreja: 19 projects / Fessenheim: 12 projects / Pyrenees: 13 projects / Caribbean coast: 8 projects / Nunavik: 6 projects / Oyapock: 5 projects / Bitche County: 3 projects / Pima County: 8 projects / Tessekere: 34 projects / Rhone Valley: 9 projects

The 4 inter-OHM projects submitted concern the following OHM: 1 project for all OHM carried by the DataDRIIHM / SO-DRIIHM group, 1 project concerning Estarreja and Tessekere, 1 project concerning Pima County and Bitche County, and the last one concerning Oyapock and Caribbean Coast.

The results will be published in January 2022 according to the dates of return of the first evaluations of the OHM' Scientific Councils. The evaluation will be done in two steps: an evaluation by the OHM + Evaluation and final validation by the LabEx DRIIHM.


The deadline for submitting a OHM or InterOHM project to the 2022 call for research projects of the LabEx DRIIHM has been postponed for all OHM, with excepted of the "French Mediterranean Coastal zone" OHM, to midnight on 15 December 2021.

The platform will remain open after this date only for the "French Mediterranean Coastal zone" OHM and this until 10 January 2022 at midnight.


Researcher (M/F) in SHS: Processes of connections/disconnections of socio-hydrosystems, Transversal study of the visible/invisible interface in the interplay between the social and environmental dimensions of socio-hydrosystems

The link to th job description:

The proposed job is part of the transverse project HYDECO. 

In 2020, the LABEX DRIIHM launched a call for "transverse projects" to allow several observatories to work on a common theme and its differentiated manifestations within each territory involved. The HYDECO project is one of the winners of this call. It proposes to analyze 7 OHM (OHM Pima County, OHM Rhône Valley, OHM Mediterranean Coast, OHMi Estareja, OHM Haut-Vicdessos, OHMi Nunavik, OHM Fessenheim) through the prism of connections, disconnections and reconnections between societies and their socio-hydrosystems.

The Call for Research Projects 2022 Labex DRIIHM is open. The general text of the call for projects (French and English versions) includes:    


  • the OHM and OHMi Call for research projects

Call for projects 2022 - OHM Bitche County

Call for projects 2022 - OHM Caribbean coast

Call for projects 2022 - OHMi Estarreja (French Version / Portuguese Version)

Call for projects 2022 - OHM Fessenheim

Call for projects 2022 - OHM French Mediterranean Coast

Call for projects 2022 - OHM Haut-Vicdessos

Call for projects 2022 - OHM Nunavik

Call for projects 2022 - OHM Oyapock

Call for projects 2022 - OHMi Pima County

Call for projects 2022 - OHM Provence coalfield

Call for projects 2022 - OHMi Tessekere

Call for projects 2022 - OHM Rhone valley

The LabEx DRIIHM organizes jointly with the INEE and the CNRS Legal Affairs Department a DRIIHM coffee on ABS - Access and Benefit Sharing, the law that frames the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising not only from the use of genetic resources but also from discourses on these resources.


Researchers, teacher-researchers, IT, do you take samples of animals or plants?

Do you collect discourses, empirical knowledge on living organisms (uses, cultivation practices, gathering practices...)?

You work in France, overseas or abroad?

You are all potentially concerned.


Join us on Thursday, October 28 from 2 to 4 pm at the next "ABS Basics" coffee to discuss with Louise Dapremont, Legal Officer at the Legal Affairs Department and head of the ABS Unit at the CNRS.

In order to receive the link to connect on the D-day, please register by October 22 on the dedicated page:

The next call for research projects of the LabEx DRIIHM and OHM will open on October 5th for a period of two months.

The submission of projects will be done online directly on this site, after login.

The framework of this call and the research orientations for the next two years will be available very soon.