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OHM(i) : OHMi Pima County

Malaise dans la récréation ? Des vertus politiques de la chasse aux États-Unis

Article dans une revue OHMi Pima Countyhalshs-04281439

Sébastien Y. Roux, Margaux Rolland, Larry Fisher

3 Nov

The social connectivity of subsurface flows: Towards a better integration of the vertical dimension in socio‐hydrosystem studies

Article dans une revue OHMi Pima Countyhalshs-04476429

Anne‐lise Boyer, David Blanchon, Laurent Schmitt, Dominique Badariotti, Jean‐philippe Bedell, Jean‐nicolas Beisel, François Chabaux, Eduardo Ferreira da Silva, Frédéric Huneau, Gwenaël Imfeld, Brian O'Neill, Vanina Pasqualini, Olivier Radakovitch, Cybill Staentzel, François‐michel Le Tourneau

9 Jui

Agenda building and topic modeling for analyzing environmental debates in the energy transition era: A case study in hardrock mining

Communication dans un congrès OHMi Pima Countyhalshs-04162096

Catherine Francis Brooks, Brigitte Juanals, Jean-Luc Minel

5 Jui

Analyzing the forms of visibility and invisibility in the process of publicizing drought: Methodological proposals

Poster OHMi Pima Countyhalshs-04121457

Anne-Lise Boyer, Brigitte Juanals, Jean-Luc Minel

5 Jui

Evaluating potential for ground and surface water contamination from new and traditional munitions

Poster OHM Pays de Bitche OHMi Pima Countyhal-04171145

Katerina Dontsova, Ben Karls, B. Cancès, Pascale Bauda, Aurélie Noémie Candice Cebron, Jessy J. Jaunat, Tom Meixner

5 Jui

Listen and be heard to mobilize: soundscapes for ecosystem protection in a mining region in Arizona (USA)

Poster OHMi Pima Countyhal-04171146

Anne Sourdril, Luc L. Barbaro

11 Mai

Locking in' Desalination in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: Path Dependency, Techno-Optimism and Climate Adaptation

Article dans une revue OHMi Pima Countyhal-04095595

Brian F O'Neill, Anne-Lise Boyer

23 Mar

Connections, disconnections and reconnections in socio-hydrosystems: Towards a better integration of the vertical dimension?

Poster OHMi Pima Countyhal-04091703

Anne-Lise Boyer


Using body size as an indicator for age structure in field populations of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Article dans une revue OHMi Pima Countyhal-04060633

Eileen Jeffrey Gutiérrez, Michael A Riehle, K R Walker, K C Ernst, G. Davidowitz


Plant growth-promoting bacteria in phytoremediation of metal-polluted soils: Current knowledge and future directions

Article dans une revue OHMi Pima Countyhal-04020243

Ana R.A. Alves, Qifan Yin, Rui.S. Oliveira, Eduardo Silva, Luís A.B. Novo