Logo Fête de la scienceFor over 20 years, the science comes your way.

The Science Festival takes place this year in France (and now international) from 27 September to 19 October. It is an opportunity to "discover the world of science and meet the men and women who are today's science." This is an opportunity for young and old to learn, to dare ask questions to those who practice everyday science.

In their objectives "to bring knowledge," opening to civil society and environmental education, the OHM participate again in this event.

You will find below, the activities organized under the Science Festival 2014, as and when they are completed.

OHM Oyapock : September 29 evening, Damien Davy, anthropologist, director of the OHM Oyapock, presented on the seafront in Kourou few examples of astral representations and myths that shape the memories and knowledge of Amerindians from Guyana.


The article "And so came the two brothers Kusuwi" details his response.