Listen or listen again Pod-Cast Planette Terre by Sylvain Kahn, released Wednesday, 02/25/15 on France Culture: The relationship of humanity to nature can they evolve?

Given the critical state of biodiversity and exclusively mercantile relations and reified for much of human society to nature, is it possible to hope for a paradigm shift? Can we hope to take education very integrated and egalitarian relationships that companies have with améridiennes Nature? Ethics and proposed scientific solutions they can to change the economic and political pre-eminence?

According to Philippe Descola: "There are three matters critical to deal with the current crisis: ecology, anthropology and geography For these are the three science of interactions between humans and non-humans, they should occupy a very great.. place in secondary education."


  • Philippe Descola, professor of anthropology at the Collège de France
  • Vincent Devictor, researcher at the CNRS Institute of Sciences of the evolution of Montpellier (ISEM)