The postdoctoral researcher position for 2 years is at the heart of the interdisciplinary project ENERGON "Energy transitions and reconfigurations of socio-ecosystems: mobilizing the OHM (Human Environment Observatories / Observatoires Hommes-Milieux) to produce an integrated methodology", selected in the framework of the LabEx DRIIHM call for project transverse.

The ENERGON project brings together six OHMs, including four in France: Bassin Minier de Provence; Fessenheim; Pays de Biche; and Vallée du Rhône, and two in North America: Nunavik (Canada) and Pima County (Arizona). It brings together 23 researchers and teacher-researchers from three major interdisciplinary groups: social sciences (14), environmental sciences (5) and science and technology (4); the team represents some 15 scientific structures.
The position will be attached to the UMR Telemme 7303, a laboratory which is located in the Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme (MMSH), in Aix-en-Provence. The UMR Telemme participates in the activity of the OHMs network, in particular in the OHM-Bassin Minier de Provence. Sylvie Daviet Professor of Geography, member of the UMR Telemme, is in charge of the ENERGON project.

 The postdoctoral fellow will be recruited at the beginning of the project and for a period of 2 years; his/her mission will be twofold:
- On the one hand, he/she will ensure the coordination of the project in a transversal way to the different OHMs; he/she will ensure the keeping of the program calendar; the reporting of meetings; the implementation and management of the project database, in connection with the databases of the different OHMs; he/she will ensure the preparation of the organization of scientific events and the modalities of dissemination of the research results, in accordance with the vocation of the OHMs in terms of science/society interface.
- On the other hand, he/she will participate fully in the research project, in its design, in the definition of the bibliographic base, in the elaboration of field surveys and in the production of research results to bring out the reconfigurative effects of energy transitions. He/she will therefore have the opportunity to publish and to participate in collective publications. Naturally, his/her personal contribution to research will depend on his/her disciplinary background.

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