The Call for Research Projects 2022 of the LabEx DRIIHM ends today, except for the Mediterranean Coastal zone OHM and Patagonia OHMi which have until January 10 to submit their projects.

124 OHM projects and 4 inter-OHM projects have been submitted and are distributed as follows:

Provence Coalfield: 7 projects / Estarreja: 19 projects / Fessenheim: 12 projects / Pyrenees: 13 projects / Caribbean coast: 8 projects / Nunavik: 6 projects / Oyapock: 5 projects / Bitche County: 3 projects / Pima County: 8 projects / Tessekere: 34 projects / Rhone Valley: 9 projects

The 4 inter-OHM projects submitted concern the following OHM: 1 project for all OHM carried by the DataDRIIHM / SO-DRIIHM group, 1 project concerning Estarreja and Tessekere, 1 project concerning Pima County and Bitche County, and the last one concerning Oyapock and Caribbean Coast.

The results will be published in January 2022 according to the dates of return of the first evaluations of the OHM' Scientific Councils. The evaluation will be done in two steps: an evaluation by the OHM + Evaluation and final validation by the LabEx DRIIHM.