Share your data sharing experience!
Interdisciplinary Research Device on Human-Environment Interactions


We are asking you because you are involved in at least one of the Human-Environment Observatories (OHM) of the LabEx DRIIHM.

Data sharing is a major challenge for the scientific community today. Sharing is both making available the data we produce, but also accessing data useful to our research.

We are currently designing a web platform at the DRIIHM level in order to facilitate the sharing of research data and to accompany you in this process. This project is led by the engineers/researchers of the Data-DRIIHM group within the framework of the DRIIHM ANR Open Science project (SO-DRIIHM).

It's obviously essential that this platform adapts to your practices and meets your needs. To this end, we invite you to share your experience of data sharing by answering the survey via the following link:

Your participation requires about 15 minutes. It is essential to the success of the project!

Deadline to answer: July 9th!