The Labex "Interdisciplinary Research Design on human-environments Interactions" and Human-Environment Observatory French Mediterranean Coastline are currently looking for a PhD Student.

In order to further develop competencies in the field of "Assessment of ecosystem services and ecological integrity of coastal lagoon ecosystems in the context of ecological restoration".

The duration of the position is 3 years, starting in October 2015.

PhD thesis director: Dr Rutger De Wit

Keywords: Coastal lagoons, ecosystem services, ecological integrity, matrix of capacities, ecological restoration, eco-engineering

Abstract: The proposed PhD subject focuses on coastal lagoons in South France that have been exposed to nutrient over-enrichment in a context of increasing urbanisation and coastal development. The legal obligation to achieve a good ecological status for these aquatic ecosystems (Water Framework Directive, WFD) has promoted the implementation of public policies focussing on reducing nutrient inputs and raises the question of their ecological restoration. The concepts of Ecosystem Services and Ecological Integrity will be used to assess the benefits of ecological restoration of coastal lagoon ecosystems for human societies. This way, the thesis will establish a link between the ecological improvements and the benefits for man to engage in ecological restoration. The aim is to develop the necessary scientific knowledge for the development of a participatory approach that is based both on optimising the benefits for humans as well on respecting the legal obligation (WFD) for achieving good ecological status in these lagoons. The candidate should have a clear interest in the pertinent aspects of aquatic ecology and restoration ecology as well as socio-economic sciences for this transdisciplinary study.

Further information: Here

Profile for the candidate: students trained in ecologie and/or environmental economics with a strong interest for transdisciplinary research at the interfaces between economy and socio-economic sciences.

How to apply: Please send your CV (including all your Academic Results for the Master degree), letter of motivation and reference letter(s) (One PDF document please) before 14 June 2015 by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.