Pays de Bitche Observatory
Structured for centuries by a strong military presence, the gradual withdrawal of the military has had the effect to transform the territory over the last twenty years.
Patagonia - Bahia exploradores Observatory
Nunavik Observatory (Canada)
This International OHM focuses on the territory of the village of Kangiqsujuaq (Hudson Strait) helps resident communities to control their development and management of their resources.
Oyapock Observatory
The Observatory seeks to understand the interactions between men and environments along the river, even a bridge between French and Brazilian banks upsets the balance.
Haut-Vicdessos Observatory
In the Pyrénées (France), the Observatory leads a prospective question: what future for the territory and its resources ?
Littoral Caraïbe Observatory
Following its creation in 2012, the Port (GPM) of Guadeloupe has set up a project to expand the terminal Jarry Baie-Mahault.
Bassin Minier de Provence Observatory
The Observatory monitors the development of men-environment interactions as part of the post-mining and in the context of metropolization in Provence.
Pima County Observatory
The mission of the observatory is to study the problem of citizen participation in environmental regulation.
Vallée du Rhône Observatory
The Vallée du Rhône OHM studies the contemporary evolution of the river and its riparian societies.
Littoral Méditerranéen Observatory
The scientific project of this Observatory is the study of urbanization and coastal human impacts in the Mediterranean.
Fessenheim Observatory
Estarreja Observatory (Portugal)
This OHM studying long-term impacts of a chemical complex located on the edge of the largest lagoon in Portugal (Ria de Aveiro).
Téssékéré Observatory (Sénégal)
The study area of this OHM is characteristic of the African Sahel : a bioclimatic transition region affected by ecological and human crises.


Laureate of the Laboratory for Excellence project (LabEx) in the program « Investment in the future », the DRIIHM LabExDevice for Interdisciplinary Research on human-environments Interactions, aggregate 13human-environments observatories (OHM in french), CNRS-INEE tools since 2007.

This LabEx was set up for 8 years (February 2012-December 2019) with a € 6.5 million budget and now, for another five years (2020-2024).

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13 observatories: Bassin Minier de Provence (provence Coalfield), Oyapock (French Guyana), Estarreja (Portugal), Téssékéré (Sénégal), Pyrénées-Haut Vicdessos, Vallée du Rhône (Rhone valley), Littoral Méditerranéen (French mediterranean coastal zone), Nunavik (Canada), Pays de Bitche (Bitche County), Pima County (USA), Littoral caraïbe (Caribbean Coast), Patagonia-Bahia Exploradores (Chile) and Fessenheim.