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NoTillAgri-Estarreja: The effect of No-Tillage farming on preserving soil and plants health in an area affected by groundwater contamination
Anabela Cachada
Sirine Bouguerra; Ruth Pereira
Type de projet
Projet OHM
Biologie, Chimie, Écophysiologie
Agriculture is an important sector in Estarreja region, in terms of landscape occupation and socio-economic input. However, due to the environmental impacts of the industrial sector and natural environmental change, local resources such as groundwater are known to be degraded and contaminated. Particularly, a certain level of soil and water salinization has been observed. Therefore, there is an arising demand for developing new farming practices for maintaining healthy and productive terrestrial ecosystems, together with efficient use of local resources. The main objective of this project is to suggest a farming practice (No-tillage) which contribute to environmental and ecological conservation and preservation of soil quality. Thus, the efficiency of No-tillage will be discussed through an experimental design for testing effects on farm soil parameters, soil retention function and crops production. In addition, a comparative study between the present farming practice and the proposed one will be attained.


Anabela Cachada
2019-12-21 08:40:25
2019-12-16 18:20:11
Anabela Cachada
Anabela Cachada PhD is a researcher in the area of Risk Assessment and Soil Pollution at CIIMAR & University of Porto (Portugal). She has a PhD in Chemistry (University of Aveiro, Portugal), a Master in Geochemistry (University of Aveiro, Portugal), and a degree in Environmental Engineering and of the Natural Resources (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal). She has been working during several years on soil pollution, particularly with organic contaminants. Nowadays she is particularly interested in the risk assessment of contaminated soils and in the understanding about how soil pollution affect ecosystem services. She participated in 23 multidisciplinary research projects (including two European funded projects), related to soil pollution monitoring and with the behavior of contaminants in the environment. She is the author/co-author of 31 papers published in international journals indexed in Science Citation Index (h-index 15), two book chapters, and she has 25 oral communications and 56 poster presentations in international conferences. Anabela Cachada is member of the national committee at ISO/TC 190. She is also an editorial Board Member of the journal Data in Brief (Elsevier) and of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (MDPI).


Sirine Bouguerra is a Tunisian Ph.D. student with particular interest in Engineering biology, Environmental biotechnology and ecotoxicological risk assessment. Prior to enrolling doctoral studies, she Hold’s her master degree in Environmental Biotechnology from University of Sfax, Tunisia. She collaborated in international scientific project: Sfp project (N° 983311) entitled - Remediation Processes in Uranium and other Mining Explorations, funded by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). She have opportunity to get 9 months investigator fellowship from (UNESCO/ Japan Young Researchers’ Fellowship Program) (Ref: ERI/NCS/FLP/LZF/11.236) for working in University of Aveiro, Portugal, Through years as researcher in Engineering school of Sfax in University of Tunisia; Biology Department in University of Aveiro, Portugal and in Biology department in Faculty of science, University of Porto, Portugal. She collaborated in National Portuguese project (PTDC/AAC-AMB/120697/2010)...
Ruth Pereira, PhD in Biology, is since 2011 Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, and coordinator of the Research Group in Soil and Water Interactions: Risk assessment. Her main research interests are related with risk assessment of contaminated sites, and of new chemical substances and terrestrial ecotoxicology.
As a result of her research activity she is the author/co-author of 105 publications in international journals indexed in Science Citation Index (h-index 22), 8 papers in national journals with peer review and 8 papers published in conference proceedings. She has also participated in multiple national and international conferences. She is/was the supervisor of 6 post-doctoral students, 14 doctoral students, (8 concluded), 31 MSc students (29 concluded) and 11 internship students. Thirteen PhD students and all the Post-doctoral students awarded grants from FCT. Ruth Pereira was coordinator of an international...