Seasonal variations in water availability to riparian trees
Michael Singer
Christine Vallet-Coulomb
Type de projet
Projet OHM
OHM(s) concerné(s)
  • OHM Vallée du Rhône
Dendrochronologie, Écologie, Hydrologie
This project spotlights climate change’s hydrological expression within the terrestrial biosphere, especially in Mediterranean climates, where forests are sensitive to water stress. Our proposed investigation will create a world-class dataset with potential to transform research disciplines of ecohydrology and isotope dendrochronology. We will use these to develop new, robust understanding of the dynamics of water partitioning, tree water use, and forest growth and health in response to climatic fluctuations and trends that affect water availability in river floodplains.


Michael Singer
2019-05-03 13:17:21
2020-08-02 15:05:10
Michael Singer
I will conduct this work at St Andrews with the help of CEREGE, but the funding will be administered by CNRS in Lyon.