AGreenCulture: The feasibility of greenhouses to support sustainable food security in Nunavik
Yohann Wittrant
Chris Furgal
Type de projet
Projet OHM
Anthropologie, Géographie, Santé publique
This project proposes to assess the applicability and feasibility of existing Canadian Arctic greenhouse and growing programs to address food security issues in the community of Kangiqsujuaq, Nunavik. Through a community-based participatory approach, it proposes to support the community’s interests in increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables to increase their consumption through the development of a local production initiative in the future. In the process of conducting this project, in cooperation with the community, we will generate valuable information about the Kangiqsujuaq food system, including its current challenges, the community’s perceptions and desires with regards to food in their community in the future and the applicability of greenhouse or growing initiatives to address food security challenges in this context. This results of this project will be of interest to other Inuit and Arctic communities facing similar challenges and interested in local production to support health food access.


Yohann Wittrant
2015-07-31 11:32:58
Yohann Wittrant


Ph. D: Cellular and Molecular Biology Key words : Bone, Nutrition, Lipids, Animal study, Cell signalling
Research field: In 2003, GPR40, 41 and 43 were described for interacting with free fatty acids leading to specific signal transduction across the cell membrane. In our hand we evidenced a GPR40 expression in bone tissues and demonstrated that GPR40 is a key protagonist in mediating fatty acids impact on bone remodeling processes.
Current grants: 2 ANR ‐ 1 FUI ‐ 4 Research Contracts (Industry)
A. Professional Experience / Training Researcher (2008‐) Nutrition, Metabolism and Bone, INRA UMR1019 of Human Nutrition, Clermont‐Ferrand ‐ France
Master in Business Administration, (2008) Management of innovative projects University of Nantes, Economy and Management Center, Nantes ‐ France
Post‐doctoral position. (2007‐2008) Oxidative stress and dental cells differentiation. Sponsored by Regional grant. INSERM U791, Dental School, Nantes ‐ France
Research scientist
Head of the Nutrition Skeleton and Metabolism Team
Deputy head of the Human Nutrition Unit
INRA, Human Nutrition Unit, Theix, France (Head associate)
Research Centre for human Nutrition (CRNH d’Auvergne)
1985 Certificate in advanced studies (equivalent to master/honours degree) in Metabolisms, Endocrine Regulations and Nutrition (University of Clermont-Ferrand, France)
1990 Ph.D in Physiology (University of Clermont-Ferrand, France)
Thesis entitled : Regulation of the somatotrope axis in the calf during the perinatal period. Relationship with bone growth
1993 Postdoctoral degree (Regulation of bone metabolism during ageing) (University of Utah, USA)
2000 Entitlement to supervise research (Bone metabolism and prevention of osteoporosis) (University of Clermont-Ferrand,
Currently Research scientist
INRA, Human Nutrition Unit, Theix, France (Head associate),
Head of the Nutrition Skeleton...
PhD – Geographical Sciences
Université Laval (Québec, Québec)

Awards and Distinctions
Chaire Louis-Edmond Hamelin de recherche nordique en sciences sociale – Scholarship 2013
Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) – Malcolm Ramsey Memorial Award 2013
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) – Canada Graduate Scholarship 2011
Canadian Polar Commission (CPC) – Graduate Scholarship 2011
Fonds québecois de recherche société et culture (FQRSC) – Master’s Research Scholarship 2010
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) – Canada Graduate Scholarship 2009

Professional Experiences
Teaching Assistant – Territoire et ressources : enjeux et perspectives autochtones 2009
Geography Department (Université Laval, Québec)
Teaching Assistant – Géographie de l’Amérique latine 2008
Geography Department (Université Laval, Québec)
Agricultural Labourer 2008

Scientific Contribution
AVARD, E. (forthcoming) The...

Pièces jointes publiques

Compte-rendu de la présentation du projet réalisée lors du séminaire de restitution de l'OHMI NUNAVIK, qui a eu lieu à Québec les 19 et 20 novembre 2015.