AgrInfluence - The influence of agriculture practices on contaminant’s mobility
Nuno Durães
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  • OHMI Estarreja
Géologie, Hydrologie

AgrInfluenceEstarreja has always been a region with extensive farming areas, developing parallel and competing for land with an important industrial pole - the Estarreja Chemical Complex (ECC). For decades, the different ECC industries disposed solid wastes directly on the permeable sands without any kind of containment or impermeabilization, and discharged liquid effluents directly on streams connected to the coastal lagoon, without any previous treatment. Nowadays, the increasing of environmental consciousness led to an improvement of waste management practices. Although there are still signs of long term soil and groundwater contamination and the extension and persistence of contaminants are not fully understood, in part due to geological features (unconsolidated detritic sedimentary rocks) that allows the contaminant’s dispersion and cause high aquifer vulnerability.

Pore waters are very specific solutions, generally with high concentrations due to the greater residence time than percolation waters, which promote a high water-soil interaction. For this reason these solutions are the transference medium for excellence of inorganic and organic compounds between soils and plants. In this sense, the study of pore waters can give valuable information about the mobility and bioavailabitity of contaminants for plants.

In this project we propose to study the influence of the agriculture practices in the contaminants mobilization, focusing in pilot contaminated areas of Estarreja, and using pore waters as a medium to study these processes, hoping to contribute with valuable information to improve de quality of agriculture practices in the reduction of contaminant’s exposure.


Nuno Durães
2022-01-18 12:58:50
2018-01-11 17:00:00
Nuno Durães
Name: Nuno Durães
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Nuno Durães finished his degree in Geology at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto 2004. In 2006, he completed the Specialization Course of the Master in Prospecting and Evaluation of Geological Resources - Branch of Mineral Resources at the same institution. He concluded his PhD in Geosciences in 2011 at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto and University of Aveiro. Between 2012 and 2019 he was a Postdoctoral fellow of Foundation for Science and Technology. He is currently a researcher at the GEOBIOTEC research unit (Department of Geosciences of the University of Aveiro). His research has been focused mainly on the areas of environmental geochemistry and biogeochemistry. To date, he has 33 publications, 71 communications in national and international conferences and a h-index of 11. He is also a reviewer of 21 journals indexed to the Journal Citation Report. He was principal investigator for 2 scientific research projects and a research team member for 11 projects. He was/is supervisor of PhD and master students. He also participated in more than 30 specialized courses and seminars, collaborated in the organization of several scientific activities or events (organization of scientific meetings; coordinator and guide of scientific dissemination activities) and in consultancy provision services.



Anabela Cachada is a PhD student in the area of Environmental Chemistry and she has a degree in Environmental Engineering and of the Natural Resources (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal) and a Master in Geochemistry (University of Aveiro, Portugal).

Her field of expertise in on the behaviour of organic contaminants in different environmental compartments, and she is particularly interested in the risk assessment of organic contaminated soils and in the evaluation of organic contaminants bioavailability and bioacessibility in soils. She has developed several works on the development of methodologies for the determination of organic contaminants in different environmental matrixes. She was a member in 9 multidisciplinary research projects (including two European funded projects) and she published 21 papers in international scientific periodicals with referees. She has presented 8 oral communications in international conferences and 5 in national conferences, and...


Carla Alexandra de Figueiredo Patinha have a Degree in Geological Engineering by the University of Aveiro, M.Sc. degree in Geochemistry and a PhD in Earth Sciences by the same institution. In June of 2005 began her activities at Geosciences Department of the University of Aveiro as Superior technician, assuming the management of geochemistry and hydrochemistry laboratories at the University of Aveiro. Her main areas of scientific activity are the research on new analytical methodologies, environmental geochemistry and health and urban geochemistry. Present research interests include research on human bioaccessibility, solid-phase distribution of potentially harmful elements to human health, and health risk assessment studies on ground-level /household dusts and water. She is member of the International Association of Medical Geology, member of the Bioaccessibility Research Group of Europe (BARGE) and member of the OHM-Estarreja. She has been participating and coordinating several...

Cláudia Dias

Ana Cláudia M. Dias graduated in Chemistry by the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto in 2007 and completed the M.Sc. degree in Chemistry by the same university in 2008. In September of 2008 began her activities at Geosciences Department of the University of Aveiro as a fellowship of the project PTDC/CTE-GEX/68523/2006: URBSOIL-LISBON- Geochemical survey of Lisbon urban soils: a baseline for future human health studies. Since 2009, Ana Cláudia M. Dias is a technician in the geochemistry/hydrochemistry laboratory of the University of Aveiro and collaborator in the research team GeoBioTec – GeoBioSciences, GeoTechnologies and GeoEngineering. Since finished the M.Sc. degree, Ana Cláudia M. Dias published as a co-author 11 papers in ISI journals and about 42 papers in National and International Conferences Proceedings. Ana Cláudia M. Dias participates in the 2nd BARGE inter-laboratory trial that is being carried out to validate the Unified Bioaccessibility Method (UBM) and...

da Costa Duarte

Armando Duarte is a Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry (University of Aveiro, Portugal). It has a degree in PhD in Chemical Engineering (University of Porto, Portugal) and a PhD in Public Health Engineering (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK). He is an expertise in Environmental Analytical Chemistry and he is particularly interested on the behavior of contaminants in different environmental compartments and on the characterization of natural organic matter. He was supervisior of 16 PhDs students and 10 Post-doc fellows and has participated and/or coordinated more than 15 funded projects by FCT and European Commission. He has 367 articles in SCI journals (h index of 31), and was editor of 5 books of international distribution and published more than 20 chapters in books. He has presented more than 200 oral/poster communications in scientific meetings.