MATiSSe - Microplastics on AgriculTural SoilS: assessment of their impact on physical, chemical and biological soil properties
Andrés Andrés Rodríguez Seijo
Ruth Pereira, Anabela Cachada, Nuno Durães, Carla Patinha, Isabelle Laffont-Schwob
Type de projet
Projet OHM
Biologie, Chimie, Écologie, Pédologie
This project proposes to study the impact of Microplastics in agricultural soils, though the assessment of several soil properties: physical (soil texture, soil structure and bulk density), chemical (pH, cation exchange capacity, organic matter, potentially toxic elements and compounds) and biological properties (soil enzymatic activity and/or soil organisms). Although this project could be developed in any region, Estarreja region offers an exceptional environment due to having a mixed area of agricultural and industrial activities, where MPs can act as carriers of potentially toxic elements and compounds, as reported for aquatic ecosystems. Further, insights brought by this project can be useful to support the development of soil management measures specifically targeting the restoration of the quality of soils from Estarreja.


Andrés Andrés Rodríguez Seijo
Andrés Rodríguez Seijo, PhD since 2016 (by the Universidade de Vigo) in the area of Soil Science had a Licenciatura (equivalent to BSc+MSc) in Biology in 2012, and a Master’s at Terrestrial Ecosystems, Sustainable Use and Environmental Implications in 2013, both by the same University. His expertise was focused on the behaviour of lead and potentially toxic elements on mine, urban and shooting ranges soils, and their study through several techniques: soil extractions, phytoremediation strategies, application of lead isotopes as tracers, TOF-SIMS analyses to know the behaviour with soil components, use of nanoparticles to reduce available contents and application of ecotoxicological techniques.
He began to work with microplastics since 2016, and he has several peer-reviewed publications on this topic (Rodríguez-Seijo & Pereira, 2017, 2019; Rodríguez-Seijo et al. 2017, 2018, 2019). Since March 2019 is FCT Junior Researcher at CIIMAR-UP, with a project of microplastics on agricultural soils.
He’s author/co-author of 19 articles in SCI journals (h index of 11), five book chapters and 32 communications to national and international conferences. He was the co-supervisor of 2 MSc students and 4 BSc students, participated in four local, regional and international projects and he was PI from the MATISSE project, a project funded by OHM-Estarreja. He is member of editorial board at Plos One and Air, Soil and Water Research; reviewer of project grants for European Union H2020 and the Czech Science Foundation, and reviewer for 30 WoS Journals.


Ruth Pereira, PhD in Biology, is since 2011 Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, and coordinator of the Research Group in Soil and Water Interactions: Risk assessment. Her main research interests are related with risk assessment of contaminated sites, and of new chemical substances and terrestrial ecotoxicology.

As a result of her research activity she is the author/co-author of 118 publications in international journals indexed in Science Citation Index (h-index 24), 8 papers in national journals with peer review and 8 papers published in conference proceedings. She has also participated in multiple national and international conferences. She is/was the supervisor of 6 post-doctoral students, 14 doctoral students, (8 concluded), 31 MSc students (29 concluded) and 11 internship students. Thirteen PhD students and all the Post-doctoral students awarded grants from FCT.

Ruth Pereira was coordinator of an...
Anabela Cachada is a postdoc researcher at CIIMAR and CESAM, working in the area of Risk Assessment and Environmental Chemistry. It has a degree in Environmental Engineering and of the Natural Resources (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal), a Master in Geochemistry (University of Aveiro, Portugal), and a PhD in Chemistry (University of Aveiro, Portugal). Her field of expertise is on the behavior of organic contaminants in different environmental compartments, and she is particularly interested in the risk assessment of organic contaminated soils and in the evaluation of organic contaminants bioavailability and bioacessibility in soils. She has developed several works on the development of methodologies for the determination of organic contaminants in different environmental matrixes. She participated in 13 multidisciplinary research projects (including two European funded projects), with 28 papers published in international scientific periodicals with referees....
Carla Patinha is technician at Department of Geoscience and researcher of GEOBIOTEC. She holds a PhD degree in Geosciences (2002), University of Aveiro. Since obtaining her PhD degree published 36 papers in international peer review journals. C Patinha has also published about 100 papers in International Conferences Proceedings. She has been participating and coordinating several national and international R&D Projects. Present research interests include research on human bioaccessibility, solid-phase distribution of potentially harmful elements to human health, saline soils and their management and study geochemical records of environmental changes: climate changes and human activities.
Nuno Miguel dos Santos Durães is graduated in Geology (2005), has a post-graduation in Prospection and Evaluation of Geological Resources – Mineral Resources branch (2006) and a PhD in Geosciences (2011) by Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto. At this moment, he is a Post-doc research fellow from Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT – Portugal) at GEOBIOTEC – Department of Geosciences, University of Aveiro, developing work dedicated to biogeochemical interaction processes of REE in plants. His research has been devoted to supergenic and environmental geochemistry, biogeochemistry and mineralogy areas. He has author of 13 articles published in SCI journals, 6 articles in national and international journals, 16 abstracts and extended-abstracts in congresses book chapters and 28 communications in national and international conferences. He has a member of 4 scientific projects and reviewer of SCI-journals.
Isabelle Laffont-Schwob, PhD in Plant Biology and Physiology (Université Blaise Pascal, 1998), has been associated professor at the Mediterranean Institute of marine and terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology (IMBE) in Aix-Marseille university until August 2017. Since September 2017, as full professor at the Population-Environment-Development Laboratory (LPED), she now focuses her research on interactions between human activities and environmental health. She managed 9 projects or research contracts including a ANR national project (CES 2008-2013), a project funded by the Water Agency RMC (2011-2013) and a project A*MIDEX (2014-2016). She contributed to 13 research projects or contracts. She authored/co-authored 52 articles or book chapters, of which 36 are indexed as well as a bilingual French-English book. She presented 48 conferences including 6 on invitation abroad, 3 on invitation in France, 19 in international congresses, 9 in national congresses, 4 in regional congresses and...