SOILRICE - Geochemical and ecological soil quality status in cultivated and abandoned rice paddies
Nuno Durães
Carla Patinha; Anabela Cachada; Ana Luís; Ruth Pereira
Project type
Projet OHM
Biogéochimie, Écologie, Géologie
Estarreja is a region of marked contrasts, where an almost unique ecological reservoir, the Baixo Vouga Lagunar (BVL), contrasts with one of the most important chemical industry of the country. Fortunately, these contrasts between nature and man’s hand are not always so marked. Integrated in this ecological reserve, man modelled the land and used the surface water reservoirs to develop there an agricultural practice dedicated to rice cultivation, and perfectly harmonized with the surrounding landscape – the “Bocage landscape”.
However, rice cultivation in the region of BVL (the only place in the north of Portugal where rice is cultivated) has been abandoned in the last decades. The reasons for this abandon are several, however the main one is the low paid prices for the produced rice and the unproductivity of the soils caused by saline water intrusion.
Since now some funds are being provided to encourage rice production in this region, it is important to study the actual quality status of the soil (geochemical and ecological status) in the rice paddies under cultivation and in the abandoned ones. This study is crucial not only to assess and understand the potential of this area to support this agricultural practice (in the present and in the future), but also to estimate the possible environmental impacts that may arise from rice cultivation in a protected ecological landscape like this one.


Nuno Durães
2022-01-18 12:58:50
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Nuno Durães
Name: Nuno Durães
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Nuno Durães finished his degree in Geology at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto 2004. In 2006, he completed the Specialization Course of the Master in Prospecting and Evaluation of Geological Resources - Branch of Mineral Resources at the same institution. He concluded his PhD in Geosciences in 2011 at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto and University of Aveiro. Between 2012 and 2019 he was a Postdoctoral fellow of Foundation for Science and Technology. He is currently a researcher at the GEOBIOTEC research unit (Department of Geosciences of the University of Aveiro). His research has been focused mainly on the areas of environmental geochemistry and biogeochemistry. To date, he has 33 publications, 71 communications in national and international conferences and a h-index of 11. He is also a reviewer of 21 journals indexed to the Journal Citation Report. He was principal investigator for 2 scientific research projects and a research team member for 11 projects. He was/is supervisor of PhD and master students. He also participated in more than 30 specialized courses and seminars, collaborated in the organization of several scientific activities or events (organization of scientific meetings; coordinator and guide of scientific dissemination activities) and in consultancy provision services.


Carla Patinha is currently a laboratory Technician and a researcher of GEOBIOTEC research unit in Department of Geosciences of University of Aveiro (Portugal). She is graduated in Geological Engineering by the University of Aveiro (1994), completed the M.Sc. degree in Geochemistry by UA in 1997, and finished her PhD degree in Geosciences by the UA in 2002.
Her present research interests include: implementing laboratory field studies on soil and crop management under saline conditions, studying geochemical records of environmental changes (climate changes and human activities), investigating the dynamics of chemicals (organic and inorganic) used in vineyards soils and their impacts on the environment.

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6006-344X
Anabela Cachada PhD is a researcher in the area of Risk Assessment and Environmental Chemistry at University of Aveiro and University of Porto (Portugal). She has a PhD in Chemistry (University of Aveiro, Portugal), a Master in Geochemistry (University of Aveiro, Portugal), and a degree in Environmental Engineering and of the Natural Resources (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal). She has been working during several years on soil pollution, particularly with organic contaminants. Nowadays she is particularly interested in the risk assessment of contaminated soils and in the evaluation of organic contaminants bioavailability and bioacessibility. She participated in 14 multidisciplinary research projects (including two European funded projects), related to soil pollution monitoring and with the behaviour of organic contaminants in the environment. She has 28 papers published in international scientific periodicals with referees, and she has 16 oral communications...
Academic Degrees
Graduation in Biology (2004), Master in Geochemistry (2007) and PhD (2013) in Biogeochemistry.
Work Experience
2 years as Master student; 5 years as Phd student with FCT grant; 1 year as Researcher in Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg; 1 year as Science Manager in the University of Porto; Post-Doc since 2015 in University of Algarve (1 year) and actually in University of Aveiro.
Publications and Congresses
12 papers in peer review international journals and 1 paper in a national journal; 4 papers in conference proceedings, 4 oral communications and 12 posters in international congresses.
Domain of Specialization
Ecology, biochemistry, ecotoxicology and taxonomy of microalgae (mainly diatoms); application of diatoms as biondicadores of rivers' ecological state, especially as bioindicators of metal and acidity stresses.
Nanotechnology and Biotechnology;
Environmental Geochemistry - geochemical studies in mining areas and effects of...
Ruth Pereira, PhD in Biology, is since 2011 Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, and coordinator of the Research Group in Soil and Water Interactions: Risk assessment. Her main research interests are related with risk assessment of contaminated sites, and of new chemical substances and terrestrial ecotoxicology.
As a result of her research activity she is the author/co-author of 118 publications in international journals indexed in Science Citation Index (h-index 24), 8 papers in national journals with peer review and 8 papers published in conference proceedings. She has also participated in multiple national and international conferences. She is/was the supervisor of 6 post-doctoral students, 14 doctoral students, (8 concluded), 32 MSc students (29 concluded) and 11 internship students. Thirteen PhD students and all the Post-doctoral students awarded grants from FCT.
Ruth Pereira was coordinator of an international...