ARISKA: Antibiotic Resistance in the Antuã River: assessing risks to public health
Isabel Da Silva Henriques
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Projet OHM
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  • OHMI Estarreja


Isabel Henriques
2022-09-07 09:34:50
2021-11-26 17:18:00
Isabel Henriques
Isabel Henriques is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Life Sciences, University of Coimbra, where she is the director of the PhD programme in Biosciences. She is a Microbiologist, member of the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM), where she leads the “Microbial and Cell Biology Lab”. She earned her PhD in Biology in 2006 from the University of Aveiro. She was an Assistant Researcher at University of Aveiro (2013-2018) funded by the “FCT Investigator” program and acted as Special Visiting Researcher (2013-2016) at Federal University of Pará (Brazil) financed by the Brazilian government. Her research has been oriented to address the ecology of antibiotic resistance in the environment. She has been interested in the mechanisms of transfer and evolution of antibiotic resistance, and how environmental and anthropogenic factors affect these mechanisms. A main interest has also been the impact of global changes in the microbiome (including soil and water microbiome) and microbiomes’ role in adaptation of organisms (plants and animals) to stressors. She participated in several research projects funded by FCT (2 as PI and 9 as team member), by FCT through the Water JPI program (1 as PI at UA) and by CNRS-LAbex DRIIHM (2 as PI). She made important contributions to her field of research, which were published in more than 100 papers in WoS journals, cited more than 3100 times, corresponding to an H factor of 31. Supervises/co-supervises 6 PhD students (plus 7 concluded). Supervised more than 20 MSc students.