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Manuela Inácio
OHMi Estarreja
Manuela Inácio obtained a five years degree in Geological Engineering by the University of Aveiro, a Post-Graduation in Educational Sciences, by the Open University, a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Geochemistry and PhD in Earth Sciences by University of Aveiro. In her PhD she produce a first Soil geochemical atlas of Portugal (in press). She was researcher at DGA (Directorate-General for the environment) and at LNEC (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering). Between September of 2009 and September of 2014 holds an Assistant Researcher position at the University of Aveiro and now, after the of almost 3 absent (due a serious illness), she is researcher at GeoBioTec (Geobiosciences Technologies and Engineering Researcher Center).
Her main scientific area of research are: Environmental Geochemistry and Health; Soil Science; Geochemical Atlas; Medical Geology; Evaluation of risk on contaminated areas (soils, sediments ground level dust, vegetation and groundwater in foodstuffs) and health risks. Now she is working on environmental metal exposure and predisposition to develop Alzheimer’s Disease.
She is Chamber of Engineers since 1993, member of Geochemistry Group of the Portuguese Geological Society, member of the International Association of Medical Geology, member of the Portuguese Soil Sciences Society, Portuguese Geologists Association and member of the Directive Board of OHMI Estarreja. She has been participating and coordinating several international and national R&D projects, some with LabEx-DRIIHM. She taught in various master's courses She has published, the majority as first author, more than 70 papers in Scientific Journals and International and National Conferences Proceedings and 9 book chapters.
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