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Sofia Bento
OHMi Estarreja
PhD in Sociology of Innovation (École Normale Supérieure des Mines de Paris) focused the socio-technical analysis of the largest dam in Portugal, the Alqueva dam (2006). She is an associate professor at ISEG/University of Lisbon and a member of CSG research centre. Her main research interest are in Technology and Society, including natural resources and public participation procedures, scientific controversies, scientific institutions and knowledge production. She currently holds the position of the director of studies of the PhD in Economic and Organizational Sociology; she also belongs to the board of the Master on Economics and Management of Science, Technology and Innovation at ISEG/University of Lisbon. Since 2018, she is a member of the Council of the University of Lisbon.
She has participated in several research projects as coordinator and researcher. The last ones are linked to environment conflicts, hydrological resources and communication and participation in environmental issues: Citizen science and ICT-based enhanced information systems for groundwater assessment, modelling and sustainable participatory management (EGroundwaters) coordenado pela Universidade Politécnica de Valência (Funded by PRIMA), 2020-2022;"Management of soils polluted by hydrocarbons and metals in the SUDOE countries" (Soiltakecare). INTERREG SUDOE (SOE1/P4/F0023).Partners: OBSMIP, Toulouse CNRS, University of Limoges, UMR G-EAU IRSTEA, Montpellier (France), University of Oviedo and Technical University of Cartagena (Spain), 2017-2019 ; “Portugal:Environment in movement”. Partners: CES/UCoimbra, CETEM (Brazil) and CSG/ULisboa, 2013-2016, “Conflicts and public participation in hydrological management in Portugal and Brazil“, MCTI/CNPQ, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL, 2012-2015, and IVCCOM/1717/2012 – Project “Communication and Political Engagement with Environmental Issues” CECS-UM, SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (Coordinator of SOCIUS' team), 2013-2014. Sofia has also coordinated teams projects and thematic issues in international networks: CIRCLE-MED/0001/2011 – Project “Tacking Stock of CIRCLE experience: communication between scientists and stakeholders regarding adaptation to climate change”.2012-2013 (Coordinator). ERA-CIRCLE/0001/2007 – Project AQUIMED - “Participatory designing of adaptive groundwater management strategies and instruments in Mediterranean coastal water scarce areas as a response to climate change“ [Start Date: 15/10/2008 | End Date: 30/06/2011]. She is an active member of the ESST Network: (European Inter University Association on Society, Science and Technology) in which she collaborates in the international master "Society, Science and Technology in Europe" since 2009, with a specialization dedicated to water and participation: “Water management and water uses: public participation, stakeholders’ involvement and the role of science”.

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