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Hugo Vieira
OHMi Estarreja
I, Hugo C. Vieira, am a PhD student of the Doctoral Program in Biology and Ecology of Global Change (BEGC), at the Department of Biology & CESAM, University of Aveiro, Portugal, in collaboration with EPOMEX (Ecology, Fisheries and Oceanography of the Gulf of Mexico Institute), Campeche, Mexico (financially supported by a 4-year mixed grant by FCT PD/BD/127808/2016). I hold a MSc in Marine Biology (2015) and a Biology degree (2013), all awarded by the University of Aveiro. Within the Biology degree I had the opportunity to engage in a curricular internship at EPOMEX.
Up to date, I have published 5 ISI papers, presented 7 communications in scientific meetings and currently participate in 1 research project as a team member. My main research interests are: aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology, more precisely in mercury behavior in aquatic sediments and aquatic trophic chains.
During these years at the Department of Biology, I have been developing skills in the maintenance and acclimatization of aquatic organisms in the laboratory (e.g. fish, shrimp and sea anemones), sampling and treatment of biological, sediment and water samples from coastal and estuarine areas, improved laboratory techniques, performed toxicological tests with aquatic species exposed to mercury and gained experience in mercury analysis by using the Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS).
I am also involved in science communication and dissemination for different publics, through lectures, open campus activities and visits to schools. Furthermore, I also actively collaborate in the supervision of undergraduate students.