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Cátia Venâncio
OHMi Estarreja
Cátia Venâncio (CV) has completed the degree in Biology (2008) and MSc in Ecology and Environmental Toxicology (2010) both at the University of Aveiro. In December of 2017, she completed her PhD in Biology. The thesis entitled “Salinization effects on coastal terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems” was unanimously approved and deserved the highest distinction and praise honors. Focusing the problematics of salinization, CV has 5 publications in good peer reviewed journals (all as 1st author), from which is to point out the publication of a special issue in 2019 (journal IF: 5.67; 5 citations). She has been participating in several international congresses with 7 oral presentations (1 as invited speaker) and 10 poster presentations (1 award received at the 10th Iberian/Iberoamerican Congress on Environmental Contamination and Toxicology), all also focusing the salinization issue and in all as 1st author. These works were essential to write a proposal with realistic and achievable objectives. CV also participated in several collaborations with national and international researchers, that allowed her to expand knowledge, network and also to disseminate scientific information (e.g., University of Coimbra and Porto, Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra, University of Saint Andrews, University of Ruhuna). CV also participated actively in several national and European research projects (Saltfree, Amphibia, Synchrony, Fenomeno) as well as conducted the laboratorial work of several students: 3 from bachelor, 5 from master and 2 from international internships. CV has been involved in the organization of several actions of science dissemination: the 13th Iberian Congress of Herpetology, the Workshop entitled “Effects of salinization on freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems”, Science Fair (Oliveira do Bairro), Scientific Internships promoted by the "Associação IEC-ALUMNI" (for high school students) and at the moment she is head organizer of the World Water Day’2019 to be held next 22nd march on the Department of Biology, UA. The activities developed by or that CV has been involved, allowed her to establish contacts with means of dissemination such as radio and newspaper.