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Emmanuelle Renard
OHM Littoral Méditerranéen
E. RENARD is assistant professor at Aix-Marseille University (AMU) since 2001. She is coauthor of 20 publications in ACLI journals (hI 14), 2 online encyclopedia chapters, 3 protocols, 1 vulgarisation paper in french and 20 communications in international congresses (+2 papers in revision, 1 chapter submitted, 1 chapter in prep.) . Her domain, eco-evo-devo, is intrinsically a multidisciplinary domain, thus she is used to deal with complementary approaches. She has positive experience in management : head of a molecular facility lab with 3 technicians, head of 3 teaching units, coordination of a PICS project grouping 3 French and 1 Australian labs, co-supervision of >20 undergraduate internship projects, 5 master 2 interships and of 3 PhD projects (+ member of 3 PhD committees). Her scientific commitment was recognized by her university and by CNRS by the attribution of a bonus for scientific excellence (PES) and of two years of “teaching sabbatical” (delegation CNRS) to develop a project of the role of the notch pathway in the control of sponge epithelia involving both IMBE and IBDM labs. Her expertise is now recognized (e.g. invited to write 3 book chapters before spring 2019, co-organizer of conference session at the EFOR national conference (2016, 2017, 2019) and co-organizer of an international workshop (2015). (list of publication in the full CV)
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